Whistlebelly – Blue Willy 
Whistle Belly - Blue Willy

Release Date: 16th August 2019

Remember when Chas and Dave went through that Punk phase and got a load of tattoos? Nah, that’s because it didn’t happen…until now. New Plymouth outift Whistlebelly are releasing their debut single this summer and it’s a rip snorter of a track to announce your arrival with. ‘Blue Willy’ comes on with some Cockney inspired blues, a piano inspired melody and a punk sense of purpose with a whistled middle eight. Slotting in nicely alongside the likes of the Jim Jones Revue and the Wildhearts but with more cheek and a twinkle in their eye, Whistlebelly will have packed venues rocking and reeling from the first notes so if you want to get your knees up then this is the band for you.

Live Dates:

30th August – Single Launch @ the Hanging Gardens, Plymouth + Scarlet Dawn + Paul Armer & the Long Way Down