Natalie Shay – People Like Me 
Natalie Shay - People Like Me

Release Date: Out Now

The pop world is so often dominated by the Americans but in Natalie Shay the UK genuinely has an artist that could become a global star in her own right. ‘People Like Me’ is an 80s inspired track full of bouncy synths, perky beats and youthful, hopeful vocals. In an era where Stranger Things dictates the cultural zeitgeist, a track like this is bang on trend and the video is full of 80s fashion, style and a pink bedroom full of girls just hanging out without a smart phone in sight. There is a perfectly observed sense of nostalgia here, one that has no place in someone born way after the 80s, but it’s there and it is wonderfully uplifting. If Natalie Shay doesn’t at least reach George Ezra levels of success then there is a huge injustice going on this world (on top of all the other injustices, of course).  

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