La Loba – Address 
La Loba - Address

Release Date: Out Now

Named after a mythical creature who collects bones and breathes life in to them with unique song, La Loba create equally mythical and mystical sounding music out of seemingly very little. A steady and unwavering drone on the bagpipe-esque Smallpipe from Sergey Romanenkov is the only instrumentation on ‘Address’ but this is accompanied by the haunting vocal of Olga Redko. Singing lines like “The desert path – where do you lead? How come I know this inner street?” and “I walk, then run, the road is clear, to find my sun I hide no tears” there is a tribal, almost ceremonial feel to this that speaks of the passage of life and beyond. Definitely something new and certainly a track that would grace the soundtrack of the right film if a match can be found.