Lola Marsh – Echoes 
Lola Marsh - Echoes

Release Date: Out Now

All you want when you listen to endless reams of new music every day is for something to jump out, grab you, hold you against the wall and kiss you firmly on the lips. Praise the lord, then, for Tel Aviv duo Lola Marsh. The pair’s new single ‘Echoes’ combines the spaghetti western guitars of Ennio Morricone, the ambition of Muse, the eccentricity of Regina Spektor and the cool of, well, Lola Marsh out-does us all in the cool stakes. The vocals are sublime, the musicianship takes a genre to a new level but I’m not sure which genre their winning at most – country, pop, rock’n’roll. It’s all in there, it’s all good and it all makes me want to put this in my single of the year longlist. So I will.

Live Dates:

13th July – Pri Rdeci Ostrigi, Skofja Loka
17th July – Colours of Ostrava
30th July – Barby, Tel Aviv
1st August – LRT OPUS terasa, Vilnius
2nd August – Intsikurmu Festival, Polva
21st August – Zurich Openair, Glattbrugg
22nd August – Flugplatz Putnitz, Ribnitz-Damgarten
31st August – Shavei Zion, Israel
11th October – Nurnberg Erleben, Nuremberg
16th October – MaMA Festival, Paris
8th November – Koncertzale Valmiera, Valmiera