The Recreation – English Weather 
The Recreation - English Weather

Release Date: 5th July 2019

You wouldn’t expect a track called ‘English Weather’ by a Mancunian indie band to start with anything other than the sound of rain on broken tarmac and slow, sad guitar chords. The Recreation are the aforementioned band who start out like Arctic Monkeys before moving into Pigeon Detectives or Courteeners territory. The guitars chime out like a buzz saw in a cathedral and the vocals sneer out with effortless cool making this a seriously impressive track, but I do have one complaint. The lyrics rhyme the word ‘weather’ with ‘sweater’ which is legit, but I don’t know any Englishman (or woman) who uses the word sweater unless they’re mocking our American cousins. Rip snorting English indie-rock in all other areas, though.