Pint Sized Tiger – El Dorado 
Pint Sized Tiger - El Dorado

Release Date: Out Now

Plymouth’s Pint Sized Tiger are still relatively new kids on the block with only a few gigs under their belt as a band but that hasn’t stopped them knocking out their debut EP, ‘El Dorado’, just in time for summer. ‘Forbidden Fruit’ gets things going with chilled out guitars and a real touch of laid-back summer pop in the vein of Finlay Quaye or Paolo Nutini. Next, ‘Circles’ has a similar vibe but with the sax up front and a more funky vibe that will surely go down well at festivals and beach parties once the sun decides to put in an appearance.

The title track of the EP, ‘El Dorado’, has the best groove with a slapped bass and saxophone fighting over which has more funk to bring to the table while the vocals of Olly Parker get a sexy little growl going and the guitars scratch and skip with infectious energy. The main part of the EP finishes with ‘Rewind’, a song that has an 80s feel to it that the laid back guitars and dreamy vocals that demand a slow motion video with dogs and roll neck sweaters.

The band have then tagged on three acoustic versions of ‘Forbidden Fruit’, ‘Circles’ and ‘El Dorado’ 
which do a great job of showing of the quality of the song writing of these compositions once the instrumentation is stripped back. Pint Sized Tiger are the perfect band for that transition from afternoon to evening in the summer but the question remains; how will they fair on a wet November Tuesday evening in Stoke?