Matthew Gordon Price – Sorry I Let You Down
Matthew Gordon Price -
Sorry I Let You Down

Release Date: Out Now

Plymouth virtuoso Matthew Gordon Price is continuously adding strings to his bow without every losing track of his own unique style and that’s a neat trick to pull off. Price’s new single ‘Sorry I Let You Down’ retains his laconic vocal style and weary, breathy sighs but this time he’s gone and taken things to the next level by recording the whole song in a day and playing all the instruments himself….including the sousaphone (sorry, there is no sousaphone. Stand down sousaphone fans). Everybody has been where Price is in this song when you know you’ve done wrong by someone and you know it, so the only thing left to do is own up. The difference here is that the Westcountry troubadour does it set to a heart-warming acoustic strum, a steady beat and some lush organ chords lifting his bruised heart back to square one to give it another go. Down but not out, not by a long chalk.

Live Dates:

2nd July – Eggbeer Farm, Exeter
22nd August – The Acorn, Penzance
5th October – Sound Mind Sessions @ All Saint’s Church, Exeter