Life – Hollow Thing (Afghan Moon / [PIAS]) 
Life - Hollow Thing

Release Date: Out Now

Hull’s Life have been bashing their collective head against society for a while now and I think the message might be about to get through. The band’s new single ‘Hollow Thing’ is as direct as peers Idles or Fontaines D.C. but with a snarl that is somewhere between Mark E. Smith and Iggy Pop which is a rare and refined space to occupy. This is the raw, unpolished sound of a band who don’t want to spend too long congratulating themselves over a well-played riff or clever lyric, they’d rather keep moving and leave the posers in their wake. “I look so good in black, I always do” they sing with dead eyes that will leave Love Island devotees scratching their brain cells together with confusion and no small amount of fear which is just the way it should be, no?

Live Dates:

28th June – Left Field @ Glastonbury Festival, Somerset
4th July – Polacy na Rock For People, Hradec Kralove
11th July – 2000 Trees, Withington
26th July – Les Nuits Secretes, Aulnoye-Aymeries
15th August – Pukkelpop, Hasselt

Listen Here: