Gazel – Rain Is Coming 
Gazel - Rain Is Coming

Release Date: Out Now

There is something quite enchanting about London based artist Gazel and I mean that in every sense of the word. Her music is otherworldly at times but also close enough to our own experiences that it’s still possible to get hooked in by it. New single ‘Rain Is Coming’ creeps in to existence with Gazel’s voice whispering out from the rubble like the first voice to be heard after an earthquake and then a timid but definite melody starts to appear like green shoots through the tarmac. A mood shift, however, gives this an uncertain feel and a rhythm builds to give power to a voice that sounds as if it has had enough of this repeated cycle of defeat and rebuild. By the Balearic melody kicks in and a Years & Years vibe is reached you’d be a fool to second guess where this one goes next and I think, in general, that’s a rule that could be applied to Gazel as an artist.