Floyd Thursby – Only Rivers Understand (I 
Need You)
Floyd Thursby - Only Rivers Understand (I Need You)

Release Date: Out Now

One of the few wonderful things about the internet is that a musician in Devon can recommend my humble blog to a fellow musician on the other side of the world, Australia in this case, which means I am sat here in Cornwall about to listen to Floyd Thursby for the first time. ‘Only Rivers Understand (I Need You)’ is the latest single release from Thursby and it is a surprisingly gentle and folky affair. Softly rippling guitar notes are underpinned by sparse bass notes and whisper quiet percussion, all of which allows Thursby’s rich, honest vocal to unfurl in all it’s heartfelt glory. I’m struggling for comparisons which is always a good thing but there is a touch of Americana about this and also such a genuine, raw emotion that I can think of a number of millionaire singer-songwriters who would do well to study Floyd Thursby for some tips on writing and performing honestly. So, thanks for the tip-off Tobias Ben Jacob, let’s keep making that world a little bit smaller.

Live Dates:

5th June – Lomond Acoustia, Melbourne
11th June – Some Velvet Morning, City of Yarra
5th July – Blue Bean Love Restaurant, Hepburn Springs
6th July – The Moldy Fig, Melbourne
10th July – The Lost Ones, Ballarat

Watch the Video: