Chloe Howl – In the Middle (Sad Banger) 
Chloe Howl - In the Middle (Sad Banger)

Release Date: Out Now

I’m still a bit confused about Chloe Howl. I don’t know how an artist with this much talent, intelligence and swagger is not performing on stages at Radio 1 Weekenders and both sides of the Atlantic. For example, new single ‘In the Middle (Sad Banger)’ has a deliciously pulsating rhythm section that has been lifted from an atmospheric 80s track but Howl blends that with soulful, R’n’B influenced vocals. The result is a song that begs you drive around town with your besties and blast this one out through the open windows of you hatchback, flicking Vs at the opposite sex for no good reason. This is the kind of track that wears its broken heart on one sleeve but then wipes the tears away with the other sleeve so that the KFC guy doesn’t see you crying.