The Urban Renewal Project – Red Eye 
The Urban Renewal Project - Red Eye

Release Date: Out Now

Wow, this is seriously impressive from the get-go so listen up. Put your phone down and let’s take this seriously, yeah? LA collective the Urban Renewal Project aren’t messing around on new single ‘Red Eye’ with dramatic and cinematic melodies blended with pure hip-hop beats and the kind of flow you normally only get with Snoop or the Wu-Tang Clan. The production is on point, those melodies just get under your skin and if this doesn’t make you want to cruise through LA at night with your soundsystem turned up to eleven then you’re lacking soul and a sense of groove so I pity you.

Live Dates:

21st June – Tooth & Nail Winery, Paso Robles
19th July – Poinsettia Community Park, Carlsbad
9th August – San Jose Jazz Summerfest, San Jose