The Raptors – Your Dreams 
The Raptors - Your Dreams

Release Date: Out Now

Glasgow quartet the Raptors first wooed me with their Christmas single but new single ‘Your Dreams’ has taken the relationship to a new level. The garage energy and raw, rattling guitars are still there, sure, but there’s a passion here that wasn’t there at Christmas and it makes me excited for the summer. Comparisons with the Stooges, the Franklys and Patti Smith are inevitable but that doesn’t mean this isn’t fresh and vibrant in the way all rock’n’roll should be but rarely is anymore. ‘Your Dreams’ is the sound of four women choosing a path and following it with head-down determination, a curled lip and no small amount of leather. “Believe in your dreams, in your dreams” they sing and I feel like a teenager getting ready to leave home all over again.

Live Dates:

31st May- Leith Depot , Edinburgh
14th June - Old Hairdressers, Glasgow
20th June - Beat Generator, Dundee
27th July - Midnight Breakfast Club, Bathgate
31st July - Hug & Pint (with The Avengers)
14th September - Scottish Honky Tonk – Isle of Bute 
18th October - Trash Shack @ The Black Bull, Gateshead 

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