Little Vicious – Sweet Sorrow (GrindEthos
Little Vicious - Sweet Sorrow

Release Date: Out Now

Asbury Park duo Little Vicious take no time in getting the party started on new single ‘Sweet Sorrow’ and it’s hard to resist the energy they give out. The drums thump and drive like the pistons on a big rig, the guitar growls like an engine firing smoothly and then the vocals of Marguerite King purr and snarl like the tiger sitting in the passenger seat….what do you mean you never went driving with a tiger? Anyway, the point is that this track rocks hard like Queens of the Stone Age mixed with Rews and that’s a combination I’m not even going to try resisting. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take Mr Fluffy for a drive.

Live Dates:

15th May – Wonder Bar, Asbury Park
10th June – Standard Motorcycle Co., Orlando