Hypnosister – Breath 
Hypnosister - Breath

Release Date: 31st May 2019

If you’ve not clicked in with Leeds solo artist Hypnosister (aka Damian Hughes) yet then you need to hurry up because this is a train that moves forward relentlessly through a variety of different musical landscapes and you’re missing out. The latest single from this one-man band (in the best sense) is ‘Breath’ and it is as uplifting as it is doom laden. You see, the drone chords and stuck-record rhythm puts me in mind of Black Sabbath or Biffy Clyro which adds a certain grimness to the air but then the chorus weaves in the kind of energy that you might have got from Jefferson Airplane along with a middle eight that, for some reason, puts me in mind of ‘Zooropa’ era U2. It is exactly this clash of ideas, sounds, directions and moods that makes Hypnosister such a compelling artist and, like I said, one that you need to hurry up and get on board with. Doors will close 30 seconds before departure….

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