Hawxx – The Lie 
Hawxx - The Lie

Release Date: Out Now

Rejoice, for London’s Queens of Rock’n’Roll are back with new single ‘The Lie’ and it’s just in time to get your mosh on for the summer to relieve the stress of living in the middle of a political shit storm. Hawxx hit hard with anvil-esque drums and guitars that scream like the tortured souls of all those that said Brexit would be an easy deal. A rumbling bassline and a steely siren call of a vocal completes the set and if you’re not head banging and joining the circle pit by the end of this then the spirit of rock is not within you and, well, I pity you. “We’re lovers of the lie, terrified and pacified” they sing with powerful harmonies and the kind of directness that will get the message across whether you’re ready to listen or not.

Live Dates:

1st-2nd June – Camden Rocks Festival, London