FAMOUS – Jack’s House (Untitled [Recs]) 
FAMOUS - Jack's House

Release Date: Out Now

Eccentric indie-pop nutjobs Famous are back with new single ‘Jack’s House’ and you might just want to strap yourself in. This is a heady punch that kicks like a mule with the English off-kilter nature of Young Knives, Jim Noir or Cosmo Sheldrake, the angular energy of Maximo Park, Life or Dutch Uncles and the sense of unbridled creativity usually reserved for the likes of the Maccabees or the Fall. Coupled with an intensely weird video and the kind of vocals that would make you feel uneasy if they were being shouted at you at the back of the last night bus home.

Live Dates:

6th June – EYOE Presents @ Sebright Arms, London
1st August – The Three Wheel Drive Festival, Andover

Watch the Video: