Change the Letter – These Quiet Streets EP 
Change the Letter - These Quiet Streets EP

Release Date: 10th May 2019

Cornish duo Change the Letter are wasting no time in getting their music out in to the world with this debut EP following their debut single earlier this year. The first of the five tracks is ‘Believe’ which gets us going with a gentle West Coast jangle of acoustic guitar that sounds like a Jefferson Airplane acoustic jam on a beach while the sun rises and the seagulls pick their breakfast off the shoreline. ‘Fake It’ follows next with a continuation of that surfy, coastal, laid-back vibe with the ringing acoustic notes flowing easily and the vocals drifting out on the breeze.

There is a more lively energy to ‘First to Fall’ which is more reminiscent of the La’s or Elvis Costello with it’s urgent guitars and impassioned vocals. ‘Just Another Morning’ drifts like a Weller track with a Jam-esque quality to the mournful strumming and vocals full of regret and missed opportunities. This EP is sparse on instrumentation and as raw as it comes but with closing track and lead single ‘Two Lovers’ the duo add in a bit of percussion which is a nod towards a fuller and more layered sound which helps to swell the emotion behind the excellent song-writing. There is potential and promise in these songs but what is most joyful is the opportunity to hear the material in its raw form – it’s like hanging out in the studio with the band as the ideas get laid down.