Asian Dub Foundation feat. Greta Thunberg –
Asian Dub Foundation feat. Greta Thunberg
Youth Quake Pt 1 (Greta Speaks)

Release Date: Out Now

When an irresistible force like Asian Dub Foundation and the immovable object of the formidable Greta Thunberg meet then sparks are sure to fly and ‘Youth Quake Pt 1 (Greta Speaks)’ is the results of those sparks. Taking the now famous U.N. speech by Climate Justice seeker Thunberg and setting it to some classic ADF beats and melodies is a stroke of genius and can only help to get the message out to an even wider audience. Eerie flutes are soon blown out of the water by a steady dub beat and menacing bass line which allows Thunberg to do the talking which hits even harder in this setting. The video is a montage of nightmarish images made worse by the fact that they are all accurate and likely to happen to our planet if they haven’t already. Oh, and if Thunberg’s passion, compassion, articulacy and drive aren’t impressive enough on their own then this has to be one of the most punk lines of all time; “I don’t care about being popular, I care about climate justice and the living planet”. Are you listening yet?

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17th May – Bristol Trinity Centre, Bristol
20th July – Long Division Festival, Wakefield
9th August – Boomtown Fair, Winchester

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