Angie feat. Zheani – Orgy of Enemies 
Angie - Orgy of Enemies

Release Date: Out Now

It was only a matter of time before Swedish dark-pop duchess Angie found another level of darkness to take her music in to and it is glorious when she takes you there. ‘Orgy of Enemies’ opens with a nightmarishly wonky music box melody before a low, low bassline and Angie’s trademark dead-eyed vocal emerge through the thick haze of pot smoke. “Rainy days never see the sunshine, hazy days blazin’ just to feel fine” she sings with the kind of energy that stares through your soul like you’re not even there. Australian rapper Zheani gets in on the action adding a different dimension but ultimately this is Angie’s party and none of us are welcome whether we’re there or not.

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