Kiefer Sutherland – Reckless & Me (BMG) 
Kiefer Sutherland - Reckless & Me

Release Date: 26th April 2019

I’ve had this album on repeat all day and not only have the songs wormed their way in to my affections, they have also impressed with their polished completeness. Sutherland may be better known for acting and tearing the 80s a new one but he is quickly gaining huge respect for his musical output and song writing so if you’ve yet to have the pleasure then this is a great entry point. ‘Reckless & Me’ opens up with a truly American lament in the shape of ‘Open Road’ full of gruff vocals, heartbreak, homesickness and the life on the road of a trucker. Now, ‘Something You Love’ is an inspiring, Springsteen-esque track about following dreams before it’s too late told through the story of meeting up with an old friend to talk over their lives. If you need to get out of your slump and find a path then this might just be the soundtrack you’ve been waiting for to give you the kick up the ass you need.

The love of a comfortable and entwined relationship is explored on ‘Faded Pair Blue of Jeans’ with a gentle, Bryan Adams inspired melody and lyrics like “I watched you sleeping in my old G’n’R T-shirt, in the morning sun you looked so good it hurt” making this a modern country classic. Title track ‘Reckless & Me’ is a rabble rousing blues stomp with some dirty guitars and Sutherland in Wild West inspired mood while ‘Blame It On Your Heart’ starts out like a honky-tonk jam before settling in to a blues inspired and gloves-off attack on a woman what done him wrong. My favourite track on the album is ‘This Is How It’s Done’ which rides the wave of a chugging organ riff before barrelling in to a spit’n’sawdust bar spoiling for a fight – all dust, whiskey and missing teeth.

The story telling on ‘Agave’ is excellent (as is the guitar playing) and really convinces me that this whole album could easily be the soundtrack to a Young Guns III where the illegitimate offspring of the long dead cowboys get together for one last heist. ‘Run to Him’ has that whiskey bar vibe with some wonderfully soulful backing vocals and then we get in to a hugely emotional final pairing. First up is ‘Saskatchewan’ which tells the story of Kiefer returning to his mother’s native town in Canada to lay her to rest with real heart, emotion and a sense of loss that would have made his momma proud. The final track is reserved for his baby girl as we get treated to a Cash-esque acoustic lament on ‘Song for a Daughter’ which will bring a tear to any parent’s eye. This is a hugely accomplished, polished, heartfelt and fat-free album that is as authentic as they come. Sure, Sutherland has a head start in the recognition stakes but he isn’t taking any other shortcuts, no siree. This is the real deal.

Live Dates:

29th May – 3TEN Austin City Limits Live, Austin
31st May – Billy Bob’s Texas, Fort Worth
3rd June – Knuckleheads Saloon, Kansas City
21st July – Sage, Gateshead
22nd July – SWX, Bristol
23rd July – Concorde 2, Brighton
28th July – STIMMEN-Festival, Lorrach
29th July – Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn
3rd October – Gruenspan, Hamburg
4th October – Heimathafen Neukolln, Berlin
7th October – Bierhubeli, Bern
8th October – Technikum, Munich
9th October – Die Kantine – Yard Club, Cologne