Kaves – Grow Up 
Kaves - Grow Up

Release Date: 21st April 2019

Norwich outfit Kaves are back with yet another banging single and I’m starting to think they’ve found themselves a fruitful furrow to plough. Coming in at just over two minutes long, new single ‘Grow Up’ starts with moody, brooding energy before exploding in to an angular, edgy, punky chorus with chants of “grow up, grow up” and it is a joy to behold. The rhythm section is punchy, the guitars cut like a rusty saw through a rusty barrel and the vocals drip like honey on the whole affair. Like I said, another banging single and if you’re not paying attention by now then you really should be.

Live Dates: 

20th April – The Wildflower, King’s Lynn
11th May – PBL Fest, Norwich