Faizal Mostrixx – Ghosts EP (Byrd Out) 
Faizal Mostrixx - Ghosts EP

Release Date: 3rd May 2019

You know that first time you taste a new food or drink and you’re blown away by the flavours and textures? I’m in a similar place with Faizal Mostrixx right now and it’s making me salivate. The solo electro-producer hails from Uganda and you can hear the African influences right through this EP but there is a much more global outlook to this as well. Opening track ‘Chicken Groove’ is a great example of this as the percussive rhythms and rippling melody lines have roots in Africa but there is something of early computer game music in the background too which makes this an even more addictive sound.

‘Flute Cry’ stutters and shudders in to life with a swaggering beat and fluttering flute notes that put me in mind of Gilbert or Lemon Jelly. Title track ‘Ghosts’ rises from the smoke of a celebratory fire full of flickering life and electric with the energy of a soul passing on to another realm before a frantic and intense beat kicks in, directly in competition with tribal beat boxing. The EP closes out with ‘Icy Forest’ which is fully framed around a steady, unwavering beat and electro-organic sound stabs but embellished with jungle wildlife sounds that take you away from your daily troubles. Faizal Mostrixx has honed and refined his sound to make something truly unique (to my ears at least) and I think it’s ready to be exported from Kampala across the world.