Emma Blackery – Cute Without You 
Emma Blackery - Cute Without You

Release Date: Out Now

The superb Emma Blackery is back with new single ‘Cute Without You’ and it’s a triumphant return. Opening with a perky, bubbly vocal melody and the kind of punchy beats you normally get from the other side of the Atlantic and the likes of Katy Perry and Meghan Trainor. But this is now floaty, airheaded love song, no, this is an anthem for self-love, self-respect and basically telling that waster ex to get bent. Blackery follows in the footsteps of the likes of Lily Allen and Kate Nash in w of the attitude fuelled lyrics and lines like “Does it hurt that I’m not crazy about ya, think we’re cute together but I’m cute without ya” would surely sting if you were the ex in question. Empowering, catchy and one of those songs that you hit repeat on as soon as it finishes – a powerful combination.

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