Drakes Island – Move So Still 
Drakes Island - Move So Still

Release Date: 19th April 2019

It took me a couple of attempts to realise that this second release from South Devon collective Drakes Island just has an incredibly slow and eerie intro. ‘Move So Still’ emerges from the silence like someone playing a haunted steel drum at the base of one of the long abandoned tunnels on the atoll they are named after. However, about a quarter of the way through a bluesy guitar joins in and then comes the semi-slurred vocal ramblings that talk of tales from afar while ushering you on to a dancefloor of sorts. The rhythm jerks and shuffles with glorious irregularity and I’m reminded of much missed Cambridge outfit the Winter Kings who had a similar sense of the dramatic fused with the blues and a bottle of whisky. Also, and I’m just putting this out there, I feel like there is the potential for a great dance remix of this track if anyone is interested.

Live Dates:

2nd July – Higher Eggbeer Unplugged, Eggbeer Farm