Cassels – A Snowflake in Winter (Big Scary
Cassels - A Snowflake in Winter

Release Date: Out Now

The brothers Beck are back as their societal crime fighting alter-egos Cassels but they are in reflective mood – still abrasive af but reflective with it. ‘A Snowflake in Winter’ opens with a trademark guitar vs drums duel before the deadpan delivery of “I like to think that I’m a deep thinker”. There then follows an At the Drive-In meets Reuben take down of the millions existing within a liberal bubble or tolerant echo chamber. The middle class inner turmoil of wanting a better world but not having the time to do much more than sign an online petition has never sounded so acerbic and vital. Then again, they are preaching to the converted so the echo chamber just continues…

Live Dates:

4th May – Exchange, Bristol w/Brutus
5th May – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds w/Brutus
6th May – Broadcast, Glasgow w/Brutus
8th May – Boston Music Room, London w/Brutus
26th July – TRUCK Festival, Steventon

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