Bait – DLP (Cool Thing Records) 
Bait - DLP (pic: Danny Rowton)

Release Date: Out Now

From what I can gather, the ‘DLP’ of the title refers to Disney Land Paris but you shouldn’t think that this makes this track some bubbly little ditty about love and self-respect. No, Southend nutjob Bait is doing his best to put the spirit of Banksy in to musical form and it is as bleak and dystopian as it is engaging and unignorable. A guitar drone and deep synths set the tone while Bait prowls around some wasteland part-singing part-chanting lines like “Full price tickets to Disney Land Paris, standing in line in a Mickey Mouse hat, pay through the nose with an old fifty pence piece, quarter of a mil for a two bed flat – hooray, hooray it’s payday”. This is social commentary delivered from behind dark glasses and wearing leather gloves, social commentary that may or may not reach the ears of those that need to hear it but it exists, it is out there and you never know who will have their mind opened when they hear it. There’s always hope….

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