Wheel – Moving Backwards 
Wheel - Moving Backwards

Release Date: Out Now

Helsinki heavy rockers released their new album ‘Moving Backwards’ and although it’s only seven tracks long, it sure packs a punch. The LP opens up with ‘Vultures’ which sets out a stall full of sultry, stylish and aggressive rock riffs with punchy drums that land somewhere between Them Crooked Vultures and Queens of the Stone Age but with the focus of Nine Inch Nails on a mission. The second track is ‘Wheel’ which opens with an intense duel between bass and drums which is soon joined by stabbing guitars and then transforms in to a growling, grumbling beast of a song that you should back away from slowly without breaking eye contact.

Up next is ‘Tyrant’ which emerges ominously from the misty swamps with beady red eyes and a touch of the Black Sabbaths about it while ‘Up the Chain’ has a more tribal feel about it with the drums taking centre stage and leading the charge in to battle. On ‘Skeletons’, Wheel move in to a more Prog space with the rhythm section setting up a Rush-esque platform for the guitars to meander and weave across the top of. Shaking you out of the hypnotic reverie is ‘Where the Pieces Lie’ which thunders in to life with elements of Monster Truck, Biffy Clyro and Boy Hits Car coming out of every rib shaking beat and ear shattering note. The album closes out on ‘Lacking’ which yet again makes the point that Wheel have one of the best rock rhythm sections around at the moment and if a band can nail that area down then that’s half the battle won as far as I’m concerned. This is a huge and intense rock experience with the tunes to match the power so if you like things heavy yet melodic then Wheel might just your new favourite band.

Live Dates:

25th March – O2 Academy, London
27th March – L’Amperage Ex-Adaep, Grenoble
28th March – Salamandra, Barcelona
30th March – Hard Club, Porto
31st March – RCA Club, Libson
2nd April – O’Sullivans, Paris
3rd April – Konzertfabrik Z7, Pratteln
5th April – Orion, Rome
6th April – Sonic Room, Fabriano
10th May – Nosturi, Helsinki
11th May – Tuiskula-Nivala, Nivala
8th June – Paco da Comenda, Tomar