Velvet & Stone – Oh Boy 
Velvet & Stone - Oh Boy

Release Date: Out Now

There is a real resurgence of original, contemporary folk in the South West at the moment with the likes of Wildwood Kin, Harbottle & Jonas, the Porbeagles, Sound of the Sirens and others all producing superb music within the genre. Joining them on this journey of discovery are Exeter quartet Velvet & Stone and their new single, ‘Oh Boy’, is just beautiful. The pulsing beat and shuffle that opens this one up is bristling with energy, soothed only by the smooth, dusky vocals until the rest of the band come crashing in, bursting in to life. If you close your eyes you are transported to a small, low ceilinged tavern somewhere on a remote bridle path with locals and travellers dancing arm in arm to the meandering melody of the violin and the throb of that beat that just won’t quit. It’s a little bit folk, a little bit Celtic, a little bit country and a whole lot of fun – come join the folk revolution, it might be cold outside but there’s a warm welcome awaiting you inside.

Live Dates:

14th March – SQ Bar & Restaurant, Braunton
23rd March – St Nicolas’ Priory, Exeter
22nd June – Leweston Summer Fest, Sherbourne
12th July – Jurassic Fields, Bridport
19th July – Chagstock Music Festival, Devon
24th August – River Cottage Festival, Axminster