Van Bellman – All This Time 
Van Bellman - All This Time

Release Date: Out Now

When you get a press release that professes to have found a new artist with a sound that mixes Beck and the Bee Gees then you have to give it a listen, right? Well, Brooklyn solo artist Van Bellman comes with that heavy price tag so his new single ‘All This Time’ has a lot to live up to. The gentle ripple of the opening bars and the lilting bass line is fully reminiscent of Beck so I entirely get that reference and it is a glory to behold. And sure, the melodies are pure enough to have come from the Gibb brothers songbook but there’s something a little darker at play here too. There’s almost a touch of Bowie working with Arcade Fire about this but only if there was a studio in Berlin big enough to hold all that talent. Beautiful music that lives up to the hype and that’s a rare thing these days, a rare thing indeed. Oh, and there’s a video with cats in which is just adorable.

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