The Rezner - Micky (AWAL/JamX
The Rezner - Micky

Release Date: 29th March 2019

If you’ve been anywhere near a pub, venue or club in the South West of England over the past 18 months then the chances are you will have at least heard or read words ‘the Rezner’ on a poster, chalk board or toilet wall. The Cornish quartet have been enjoying a busy live schedule but the time has come to commit some music to the pages of history and thus we arrive collectively at their debut single. ‘Micky’ is 131 seconds of riotous in indie-punk fun that, when played live, will have pairs of Vans classics closer to the ceiling than the floor and a sweaty mass of bodies pushing and pulling in every direction. Borrowing from the earliest Arctic Monkeys or Pidgeon Detectives material, this is a track you might expect to come from a more urban setting but nonetheless to the story of unrequited nightclub love will resonate across the world and nobody can say they haven’t got time for this one. Nonetheless, maybe lock up your daughters if you’re planning a summer holiday in Cornwall this summer…..

Live Dates:

26th March – TheZineUK #SEXit, London w/Deux Furiesuses
29th March – The Barrel House, Totnes
30th March – Single Launch @ Jacobs Ladder, Falmouth w/WAXX + Flat Lager + Youth