The Magnettes – Kim N Kanye 
The Magnettes - Kim N Kanye

Release Date: Out Now

Pajala in Sweden only has, according to Wikipedia, just under 2000 inhabitants but three of them decided to form the Magnettes and for that the Mayor of Pajala should put up a statue. The trio’s new single ‘Kim N Kanye’ is as direct a slice of agit-pop (or ‘21st century fuck pop’ as they call it) as you’re likely to get so strap yourself in for a wild ride. The track starts with an 80s inspired beat and some uplifting synths before the cool, breathy vocals kick in give this an air of sophistication. The chorus, however, is a different matter as they sing of Friday nights spent drinking and dancing the mundanity of their week away trying to emulate their heroes and celebrity crushes with a fraction of the budget. Still, you don’t need money to dance and have a good time so, as they sing, “set the world on fire, just ignite that shit”.

Live Dates:

21st March – Kaffee Burger, Berlin
22nd March – Zukunft, Chemnitz
23rd March – Café Galao, Stuttgart
30th March – Poglos, Warsaw
31st March – Meskalina, Poznan