RJ Humphries – What Have You Got To Lose?
RJ Humphries - What Have You Got to Lose? 

Release Date: 22nd March 2019

Frontman of notorious rockers Bare Hunter Robbie Humphries has been playing around with some solo material and this here ditty is the first product of said playing around. Going by the formal moniker of RJ Humphries for this solo material, it is something of a surprise to find this debut song, ‘What Have You Got To Lose?’, occupying a sombre and introspective space. With a  lo-fi, subdued vocal, a sparse processed beat and a loose guitar ripple, this sounds like a lament written by one of the cowboys from Westworld as electro samples swirl around the organic melodies. It’s hard to link this to any existing artists (always a good sign) but if you put Beck, Willy Nelson and the Arcade Fire in a studio for a day then this is probably close to what it would sound like.

More information: watch this space....