Kristina Bazan – The Devil 
Kristina Bazan - The Devil

Release Date: Out Now

I am always slightly wary of anyone being touted as a Youtube/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat superstar although I’m not surprised that Kristina Bazan is queen of the Insta world, I mean she’s talented and has model looks so who’s gonna stop her. Bazan’s new single ‘The Devil’, however, is not what you might expect from someone who has been signed as the Yves Saint Laurent ‘beauty-music talent’ (whatever that is). The acoustic strumming is straight from the banks of the Seine on a warm summer’s day while Bazan’s voice is dusky, soulful and effortless. There is substance as well as style here so I hope people read beyond the cover of this elaborately and superbly adorned book.

Live Dates:

20th-21st July – Lollapalooza 2019, Paris

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