Jesse the Tree & Slitty Wrists – Asthma EP 
Jesse the Tree & Slitty Wrists - Asthma EP

Release Date: Out Now

This is a collaboration between two socially and environmentally conscious artists and it is as brutal and direct as it is infectious. With seven tracks, however, this dances on the razor wire between EP and mini-album but I’ll allow it because the quality is so damn high. ‘Mother Earth’ is the opening track and once the slightly trippy opening of spoken word over the top of melancholy guitar notes gives way, we hear Slitty Wrists break in to full, angry flow at those destroying the planet; “These people brought damage and ruined the planet, these people got damage”.

‘Slow’ is up next, opening with bird song and chilled guitar loops as the flow goes “some people like it fast, I like it slow, I wish the whole world would just stop for a mo-ment” and you’re immediately drawn in to an Arrested Development world. The father of L.S.D. is remembered on ‘Albert Hoffman’ with a woozy “how long does this shit take to kick in? I think I’m starting to feel it….oooooh man” followed by a chilled, low-lit, late night cut that makes you just sink in to your chair while your head falls back involuntarily. ‘Lullaby’ keeps the chilled vibe going with a great drum and bass combination creating a hip-hop groove before ‘B.F.G.’ blends trip-hop and soul like Portishead in their prime but without the sinister undertones.

On ‘Naomi’s Interlude’ we are treated to a stop-you-in-your-tracks spoken word piece from Noami Gutierrez giving us a 107 second tour of what it’s like to be addicted and in fear of your life. It’s stark and powerful but the delivery without any backing and in such a deadpan style is intoxicating and hugely gripping. The EP closes out on ‘G.L.O.W.’ which is the closest thing you’ll get to a party anthem on this collection but it’s still well worth listening to the words. This is what people should be doing with music, taking on the big issues, vocalising pain and holding the world to account. The fact that it is done with such a smooth flow and chilled vibes is just huge credit to these two guys.


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