Jamie Yost – Ravens 
Jamie Yost - Ravens

Release Date: 29th March 2019

Right, we need to talk about Jamie Yost. It’s been like three years since I started banging on about him and his huge talent but he’s still not schmoozing with the Radio 1 glitterati and that is very, very wrong. Take Yost’s forthcoming new single ‘Ravens’, for example. Building over four minutes, we start with acoustic strums and atmospherics that are like a grey sunrise over a windless lake with Yost’s warm, soul filled voice unsettling the birds from the perches. Every vocal croak and sigh is captured like a mix between Ben Howard and Noah Gundersen, blending urban sounds with a rural soul. If someone could just see their way clear to giving this guy enough money to record an album then I guarantee a high cash return as well as huge amounts of kudos once the critical acclaim starts rolling in. If, like me, you don’t have the money then just listen to this on repeat until your soul is cleansed and you feel ready to face the day.

Live Dates:

15th March – Boston Troubadour Party @ Boston Tea Party, Plymouth w/Matthew Gordon Price + Drakes Island
8th April – The Bread & Roses, Plymouth
5th May – The Ship Inn, Looe
25th May – The Tower Inn, Kingsbridge