Jamie Hamilton – Apocalypse Love Song
Jamie Hamilton - Apocalypse Love Song
(Sunbird Records)

Release Date: 29th March 2019

If and when you give this track a listen (and I’d recommend the latter), please do not adjust your wireless. The new single from Jamie Hamilton starts out like a recording from inside a bug-zapper on David Lynch’s front porch before abruptly changing direction and turning in to a crooning and swooning lo-fi 50s love lament. ‘Apocalypse Love Song’ is an odd thing and exists between a number of genres and eras but at its core it is simply a love song played out with woozy melodies, a simple beat and the kind of vocals that sound like they were recorded under the covers in the middle of the night by someone who shares a room. Intriguing, beguiling and perfect for your ‘after the world has ended and I live in a bunker’ playlist.