Izzie Walsh – Sidelined 
Izzie Walsh - Sidelined

Release Date: Out Now

There’s something of a quiet buzz around Mancunian singer-songwriter Izzue Walsh at the moment which is richly deserved as is the support of the likes of Bob Harris. Walsh’s new single ‘Sidelined’ is a gorgeously upbeat and lilting folk number with our heroine leading the way on acoustic guitar and a wonderfully distinct vocal style. Backed with upright bass, banjo, slide guitar and a brushed snare, Walsh takes us back through the ages but also keeps it contemporary and the only other artist I’ve come across recently who can do that is Westcountry troupe Paul Armer & the Long Way Down. As I said, the hype is entirely justified but it’s still early enough to get involved and seem like you ‘discovered’ Izzie Walsh so listen up or miss out.

Live Dates:

3rd April – Lock 91, Manchester
6th April – The Stoller Hall, Manchester w/Nick Harper
26th May – Buckle & Boots Country Fest, Manchester

Watch the Video: