Ilira – Do !t Yourself 
Ilira - Do !t Yourself

Release Date: Out Now

When I received this single from Kosovo-Albanian pop princess Ilira I thought it was all about fixing your own guttering and putting up shelves but then I noticed that her previous single was called ‘Get Off My D!ck’ and I suspected something different. Indeed, ‘Do !t Yourself’ starts with the lyrics “You don’t need to get it up for me I’ll be fine, keep your happy ever after it ain’t mine” and then goes on to blossom in to an anthem for self-love. With the don’t-give-a-fuck attitude of Angie, the anthemic chorus of a Little Mix stadium filler and the impish youth of Sigrid, this is an alt-pop tune that is both empowering and fun which is a hard mix to achieve. Also, dropping this at the school disco will have the teachers shifting nervously in their Hush Puppies which is always fun.