Ida Wenoe – Another Kind of Love (Integrity
Ida Wenoe - Another Kind of Love

Release Date: Out Now

For those of you not totally down with Danish pronunciation, this latest artist to emerge from the Integrity Records stable, Ida Wenoe, is pronounced EE-da ven-OO. Good, now that’s sorted, let’s get on to her music. Wenoe’s new single, ‘Another Kind of Love’, is a dreamy, melancholy and yet utterly sumptuous treat that you can have no guilt about enjoying. This is one of those songs that you want to curl up with, sharing a big bowl of ice-cream dripping in the dark chocolate sauce of Wenoe’s voice, the crunchy Macadamia nuts of the scattered drums and some sort of spirit poured on to make you feel a little woozy just as the guitars sound. Maybe Kahlua. This is an ice-cream sundae to be consumed in the warm on a grey Sunday with nobody else around – go on, treat yourself.

Live Dates:

19th March – Elvaerket, Aarhus
10th April – Turbinen, Randers
12th April – Traeden Forsamlingshus, Braedstrup
17th April – Huset-KBH, Copenhagen
18th April – Café No 9, Sheffield
19th April – Small World Theatre, Cardigan
21st April – The Musician, Leicester
24th April – Green Note, Camden
25th April – St Peter’s Church, Sudbury
9th May – Sankt Nicolai Kirke, Aabenraa
9th August – Avernax, Faborg