Hillhar – Undercover 
Hillhar - Undercover

Release Date: Out Now

I’ve been watching a lot of films and TV series about uniquely dystopian visions of the future recently and I feel like each one of them missed out on having ‘Undercover’ as the theme song. The track is being released as the new single by Tel Aviv electro-poppers Hillhar and it is as eerie and cold as it is intriguing and arresting. The electro melodies build up in layers while the vocals don’t sound entirely human but, oddly, the beat that kicks in during the chorus gives this a real sense of hope and optimism which is both welcome and unexpected. If anyone is getting the music stage of a new futuristic piece in the vein of Humans then I would seriously suggest giving Hillhar a listen for this track if nothing else.

Live Dates:

4th May – Shavel Zion, Northern District

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