Hezen – Bring Your Alibi 
Hezen - Bring Your Alibi

Release Date: Out Now

Parisian solo artist Hezen has a strapline on her Facebook page that says ‘Are you sitting uncomfortably? Then I’ll begin’ and if you can’t get behind a sentiment like that in this day and age then you’re not paying attention. Hezen’s new single ‘Bring Your Alibi’ wastes no time in getting on with things as the dirty synth and heavy beats kick on from the get-go and you get a real late-night neon vibe going on with this one. Vocally, Hezen plays the demure chanteuse during the verses and the feisty queen during the chorus which is always a delicious juxtaposition in any song. Alt-pop with a seriously dark edge and that’s to be celebrated, however you’re sitting.

Live Dates:

11th March – L’International, Paris