HeyRocco – Destroyer 
HeyRocco - Destroyer

Release Date: Out Now

Fresh from touring with the Lemonheads, US trio HeyRocco are releasing their laid back slacker grunge-pop single and it is well worth just over three minutes of your time. ‘Destroyer’ takes the couldn’t care less vibe of their tour mates or the Dandy Warhols but mixes it with the more youthful energy of contemporaries Charly Bliss as the guitars switch from lackadaisical jangle to a fuzzed up grunge fest in your garage. Nate, Cool and Taco are (apparently) the three dudes that comprise HeyRocco and they have a real togetherness and gang vibe going on but, equally, I could imagine them falling out over the last slice of pizza and never playing together again.

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