Gawjuss – Gawjuss EP (Clue Records) 
Gawjuss - Gawjuss EP

Release Date: 8th March 2019

Good ol’ Clue Records have done it again with the self-titled debut EP from Gawjuss (ex-Forever Cult frontman), yet more fantastic music from the Leeds based label. The four-track collection opens up with ‘No Reset’ which has a dark, edgy underbelly with angular guitars that twitch and jerk from the shadows which gives you a slightly uneasy feeling from the get-go. Recent single ‘Drive’ is up next and the energy is maintained with those guitars straight out of a Pyscho rock-opera and the muttered, murderous lyrics giving Lou Reed a run for his money (not that anyone has ever seen Lou Reed run, right?).

On ‘Young Losers’ Gawjuss develops a more driving energy with a Queens of the Stone Age vibe thanks to the low tuned guitars and smooth, effortless vocals. ‘Pressure’ is the final song and is classed as a bonus track which kinda makes sense as it has a really different vibe to the other tracks with a loose, jam-like quality keeping the drums rolling while the guitar pulses and pings. Kieran Wade Clarke is the one-man-show behind Gawjuss and he’s clearly got a butt load of ideas rolling around in his noggin which makes this not only an incredibly impressive debut but a tantalising taste of what’s to come.