Carmen Rosa – Love You Won’t Find Twice 
Carmen Rosa - Love You Won't Find Twice

Release Date: Out Now

London singer-songwriter Carmen Rosa describes her sound as ‘dark pop’ on Facebook but that shouldn’t make you think of anything particularly macabre or over dramatic. No, Rosa’s sound has a darkness but it’s a delicate, fragile darkness that makes ‘Love You Won’t Find Twice’ such a compelling and spellbinding song. A subdued piano line and striking vocals are all that’s needed here to evoke aural images of Tori Amos, Bat for Lashes or Laura Marling. If you aren’t stopped in your tracks by this one, arrested by long lost memories of a lover that made your heart swell to a new size, then you might want to open your heart up a little more next time. It’s better to love once with all your heart and feel the pain of that heart breaking than to never open yourself up to the risk. Trust me on that one (or trust Carmen Rosa, she feels the bittersweet pain of lost love in this stunning song).