Short People – You Know I’m Weird 
Short People - You Know I'm Weird

Release Date: Out Now

Brighton supergroup Short People are back with another single and they are on top brooding form. In fact ‘You Know I’m Weird’ is only pretending to be brooding as it soon bursts in to wonderfully quirky English indie-pop life and it’s like a rainbow crashing through your window….at three in the morning. There are elements of Supergrass, Me Me Me, the Raconteurs and the Kinks’ delinquent nephews running through this and it’s a whole lot of fun which makes me want to go to Brighton every time I hear the fuzzed-up lead guitar line and watch these five dandies dicking around on the video. Short People = big fun.

Live Dates:

16th March – DIY Thursdays 4th Birth Of Noise, London

Watch the Video: