Lots Holloway – Be Naked 
Lots Holloway - Be Naked

Release date: 1st March 2019

Now, I feel like I should put a public health warning on this one; if you are going through or have recently been through a break up this is either the best or the worst song for you to listen to right now. It is your choice what you do with that information, but I thought it was only fair to warn you in advance. You see, Lots Holloway has poured her heart, soul and real raw emotion in to this song and ‘Be Naked’ is an absolutely compelling listen. Armed with a solemn acoustic guitar riff and intimate, confessional vocals, Holloway starts off with “there used to be sunlight but now it just rains in this house” and you know there is a broken heart at the centre of all this. You can hear the cracks and hurt in Holloway’s voice, soothed by the gentle and pure harmonies like a comforting hand on the back as you sob uncontrollably in to a Friends binge session. If there is a song released this year with more honesty, hurt and raw emotion running through its centre then that’s a stick of rock I don’t think I can swallow.

Live Dates:

22nd March – The Water Rats, London w/The Good Tenants
24th May – Concorde 2, Brighton w/Heather Peace
1st June – Camden Rocks Festival, London