Hana Piranha – Naked Flame 
Hana Piranha - Naked Flame

Release Date: Out Now

I have to admit that I thought violin wielding rock-chick Hana Piranha had disappeared from the scene but like a patient predator she has been lying in wait, biding her time. New single ‘Naked Flame’ is a powerful return to the scene as the trademark violins swirl around a heavy rock arrangement with power and more than a little grace. There is a cinematic quality to Hana Piranha’s music which is ambitious and aiming for the stars but there is also a sense that this wouldn’t be out of place as an entry on the Eurovision song contest – possibly from Turkey or Romania. Whichever angle you take on this, you can’t deny that it’s an epic and powerful rock track and we need more of those in the world right now.

Live Dates:

22nd March – The Royal Standard, Sheffield w/Purple Thread + Neuri
4th April – Roadtrip & the Workshop, London
12th July – The Unholy Messitval III @ the Victoria Bikers Pub, Coalville