The Skints – Learning to Swim (Mr Bongo) 
The Skints - Learning to Swim

Release Date: Out Now

Time for a classic bit of Ska-Punk-Reggae from Londoner the Skints now with new single ‘Learning to Swim’. Kicking in straight away with a reggae rhythm and a minimalist skank, the deceptively innocent sounding vocals of Marcia Richards drift weightlessly about the melodies and then the chorus arrives. Hard. Fuzzed up guitars, a tight rhythm section and those vocals cutting through like the sweetness in a sweet’n’sour with extra chillies. The Skints are one of those bands that will knock your teeth out with one punch and then put an arm around you and take you to the dentist.

Live Dates:

24th May – Fairgrounds, Monterey
25th May – Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, Las Vegas