Sarah Walk – CTRL (One Little Indian
Sarah Walk - CTRL

Release Date: Out Now

If something good was to come out of the general cluster-fuck that was the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Kavanagh then I’m glad it was this new track from the supremely excellent Sarah Walk. On the surface, ‘CTRL’ is an uplifting banger of a tune that grows and swells like sunlight flooding over a beach with Walk’s steely, determined voice driving the energy ever forwards. When the beat drops you could slot this in alongside a Katy Perry or Pink party anthem but there’s something deeper here, this isn’t just a song about a break up or individual girl-power. No, Sarah Walk in this video and through the power of this song is taking on the patriarchal nightmare currently manifesting in the United States – not to mention the rest of the world. Powerful tune that I wish we didn’t need, but we do.

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